some good true justice!

the worst part?  Feminists are campaigning on her behalf saying that jailing her will stop rape victims from coming forward

Funny because that line of thought didn’t stop her in her psychotic vindictive attempt to destroy another human being

Perjury is a serious crime, if i remember correctly 

Oh but didn’t you know that women totes can’t ever lie about being raped? If a woman says something, it’s automatically true because of the patriarchy. 

Jesus… Over exams? Are you fucking serious? Its pathetic. I hate woman like this.

Hey you animal crossing lovers!

One of my pals is selling clay models of any villager. SERIOUSLY ANYONE! She will create it for you. She’s trying to raise money for her cousins that have cancer and for a friend whose a single mom. Any bit counts so please signal boost the crap out of this! Or help out by buying one. Its a pretty good price!


you don’t have to be uchi to join the uchi gang!

(also made it available as a shirt!)




Ex queen turned pirate being hunted down by the king’s men and naming her all female ship “the clit” and when asked why she replies, because the king will never find it.


reading shitty fic cause you’re so thirsty you’ll accept anything



girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes 


discovering you’re in a mutual following with a Cool Person


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